A reply letter to the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis was sent by Vladimir Putin in which he deplored Turkish provocations and announcements concerning the enclosed area of ​​Varosha.

They violate UN resolutions

“I have read carefully your letter, dated May 14, 2021, following the informal meeting, 5 + UN, in Geneva, on April 27-29, 2021, and the message of July 5, 2021, which expresses concern about a possible change in the “Varosha status quo and the dangers that lurk in terms of the prospect of achieving a comprehensive, viable and just solution to the Cyprus problem,” said the Russian president, among other things, and described Turkey’s actions as unacceptable.

“We consider unacceptable the unilateral actions that violate UN Security Council resolutions 550 and 789,” said Putin.

The Russian President also pointed out that “the Russian Federation consistently supports a solution to the Cyprus problem, within the well-known framework of international law set by the decisions of the Security Council and provides for a solution of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation with an international legal personality and one nationality.”

Involvement of permanent members of the UN Security Council

At the same time, he notes that both at the UN level and in its bilateral contacts, Russia will promote the creation of favorable external conditions, with the aim of making progress in resolving the Cyprus issue through negotiations.

He also stressed that Russia strongly believes in the need to involve all five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council in the discussion on the external aspects of the solution and also to replace the existing anachronistic system of guarantees with UN guarantees.

Finally, in his letter, Putin expressed gratitude to the President of the Republic for the dialogue between the two countries on various issues of international and regional agenda, including the situation in Cyprus, but also the Cypriot-Russian cooperation.

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