The agreements include specific areas of cooperation that correspond to the capabilities of the companies and will allow the Greek-American industrial production team to immediately start working on the project.

In order to support the Hellenic Navy upgrade program, Lockheed Martin entered into cooperation agreements with major companies in Greek industry. The agreements include specific areas of cooperation that correspond to the capabilities of the companies and will allow the Greek-American industrial production team, under the guidance of Lockheed Martin, to start working immediately on this important project.

At the same time, these agreements will expand employment opportunities in the future in Greece in various specialties in the field of shipping, while they will support the efforts for the re-utilization of Greek shipyards. The work will include the integration of battle systems, testing, maintenance as well as the modernization of ships.

In a working meeting a few days ago, the partner companies met with Lockheed Martin executives to begin the development of specific plans in the context of industrial participation, in order to meet the timetable set for the upgrades of the MEKO-200 frigates and the program of the future Greek Frigate. The companies that have already joined the Lockheed Martin team are the following:

Oceanking Technical and Trading
Intracom Defense Electronics – IDE
Endeavor Integrated Solutions
Aeroservices S.A.
ALS Naval Ship Design

“Lockheed Martin has partnered globally with shipbuilders to provide opportunities with the involvement of the domestic industry,” said Tom Rowden, Lockheed Martin Vice President of International Business Development. “With Greek industry as a strategic partner, we are convinced that, together, we not only provide unsurpassed capabilities to the Navy, but also contribute to the reconstruction of a historic shipbuilding industry, such as that of Greece.”

“The US Government is 100% in agreement with the US Navy’s proposal for the Greek Navy Frigate Modernization Program, which is an important opportunity to expand and deepen the excellent US-Greek naval cooperation. “Our proposal is supported by an intergovernmental agreement that offers an existing and very capable ship, and not just an idea designed on paper, with an unparalleled program for its construction in Greece,” said US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt. “It will strengthen the revival of the Greek shipbuilding industry and will create more than a thousand direct jobs in the shipbuilding industry and more than a thousand indirect jobs in the entire Greek shipping industry, further contributing to the revival of the long shipping tradition of Greece. “I know that Lockheed Martin is willing to participate in the renaissance of the Greek shipbuilding industry, and is fully committed to working with George Prokopiou, a great friend of the United States who has just acquired the Scaramanga Shipyards.”

Lockheed Martin will work with Greek companies in the Greek defense industry, including Shipyards, focusing exclusively on the successful execution of the program in coordination with the US Navy and the Greek Navy. Lockheed Martin will announce even more Greek partners in the coming weeks. The team will be based on Greek know-how and will utilize the deep knowledge and specialization of the Greek defense industry, expanding its capabilities in ship design, logistics, training and support.

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