An increase in flights has been observed after July 15 from Great Britain with a total of 255 flights arriving on the island

A number of 1623 commercial flights abroad have arrived at the airport of Corfu “Ioannis Kapodistrias” during the month of July.

As Dimitris Roussos, President of the Corfu CAA Employees’ Association, tells to Athens News Agency, APE-MPE, “the Germans are the first to choose our island to spend their holidays, as in July, 320 flights arrived from Germany alone with about 48,000 passengers, exceeding, in this way, the arrivals in July of 2019, when about 45,000 passengers had arrived.”

An increase in flights from Great Britain has also been observed after July 15, with a total of 255 flights arriving on the island, followed by France with 162 flights, Italy with 156 and Poland with 146 flights.

As for August, the signals are also positive, as the large number of Greek tourists who choose Corfu for their summer vacation is expected.

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