“It took us twenty years to find a way to make the most of this wonderful place,” said the Minister of Development and Investment.

“Within a week, we will have the start of the largest private and public project that has been undertaken in Greece,” Adonis Georgiadis told ERT, referring to the transfer of Elliniko SA. to Lamda Development and the signature for Metro line 4.

Speaking from the site of the former airport in Hellinikon, the Minister of Development referred to the major projects that will change, as he said, the lives of Greeks, immediately creating 10,000 jobs.

“Today it is a very good day for the Government, for the Prime Minister for the Greek people. The whole week is accompanied by two big signatures. The first signature will fall today in the presence of the Prime Minister, where with Costas Karamanlis, the Minister of Infrastructure, we unblocked, through the NSRF, line 4 of the Metro, which is the largest public project ever done in Greece.

And on Friday, the transfer of Elliniko SA will be signed by the HRADF, in the presence of Mr. Staikouras and me. at Lamda Development, which will be the largest private project in Greece. At the same time, we will have the start of the largest private and public project that has been done in Greece “, said Mr. Georgiadis.

As the Minister of Development stressed, “this shows the determination we have to change the lives of Greeks, to offer jobs, to increase the incomes of the people and to give them a better life”.

Hellinikon: Twenty years of waiting

“It took us twenty years to find a way to make the most of this wonderful place. For two years now, there has not been a day that we have not dealt with this. It was such a complex and difficult project,” and he added, “we must learn in Greece to make the projects go faster and our life simpler”, commented Mr. Georgiadis about the project at the former Hellinikon airport, saying characteristically:” What will done here will be excellent “, stressed Mr. Georgiadis. Regarding the jobs that will be created, the Minister of Development stressed that 10,000 jobs will be created immediately, while in the period of eight years that will be required to complete the project, “about 70,000 jobs will be created in a project of eight billion euros”.

Speaking, among other things, about the impact that the project will have on the residents of the area, Mr. Georgiadis stressed that “Hellinikon is designed to make the lives of citizens better.”

The Minister of Development also referred to the issue of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, saying characteristically “I thank the employees of HAI who understood that their work depends on the stay of Lockheed Martin” and added “the decision of the Government is for HAI to continue working with Lockheed Martin and I am very happy “.

Regarding the issue of the Elefsina Shipyards, Mr. Georgiadis says that “any company that undertakes the frigate building program, in its business plan, must have its proposal for the Elefsina Shipyards. I do not worry. The frigates must be made in Greece. When the navy decides, we will have the workers inside to work and with the payment of their accruals “, pointing out that in order to build the frigates, both large shipyards, Elefsina and Skaramaga, must be operational.

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