Project Athena was named after the goddess of wisdom and the city of Athens. A name ideal to describe the innovative pilot program that will make the capital a “smart” city, bringing significant improvements in the lives of Athenian citizens, through the integration of innovative technological applications.

Project Athena is operational today with the first goal being effectively dealing with two “hot” and chronic problems faced by residents and visitors to Athens, cleanliness and accessibility, .

Installation of sensors

Project Athena consists of the strategic placement of sensors in the urban environment, which collect data on street and air cleanliness, accessibility for pedestrians and people with disabilities, noise pollution, temperature and humidity. Its pilot operation started in Kotzia Square, where the City Hall of the Municipality of Athens is located, and in the area of ​​Kolonaki. Specifically, a total of 10 sensors were placed in waste bins to measure their level, in pedestrian crossings and the disabled to detect obstruction, at the City Hall of Athens, as well as in individual parts of these areas.

The data collected by the sensors are then fed to a specially designed management platform, to which the Municipality of Athens has unhindered access for their control and analysis. The future interconnection of the platform with the competent authorities will be the driving force for the transformation of knowledge into practice and the substantial improvement of the quality of life of the citizens.

The next day of Project Athena, will offer cleaners the opportunity to make smart decisions and plan the waste collection routes in a timely and efficient manner. Also, the use of sensors in the ramp crossings will ensure that they will remain free and will inform about any parked vehicles that obstruct the passage.

Project Athena is an adaptation of ATCOM’s “Urban Intelligence” solution and uses Microsoft technologies.

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