Google Street View cars are returning to the streets of Greece this summer as well. In the coming months, they will make many trips around the country, aiming to re-photograph them to update data on cities, roads, and highways on the Google Street View platform.

Thanks to Google Street View, people have the opportunity to visit most Greek cities, many ancient monuments and shrines, as well as natural monuments, including national parks. Google recognizes that, over time, urban planning in and around cities is changing and evolving, so its visuals need to be updated regularly. The new display will help users find their way more easily between different destinations. Street View offers 360-degree views of the streets as well as natural and cultural monuments.

In Greece, Street View has been available since June 2014 and since then its images have been frequently updated, providing the most accurate picture of reality. In addition to the streets and alleys, Google has immortalized the sidewalks of Greek cities as well as other places that are not accessible by car.

Google is committed to protecting your privacy. Before being published, the images are processed with specialized technology that blurs the faces of people as well as the license plates of vehicles so that they are not recognizable, thus maintaining their privacy. Street View gives users the extra ability to blur images (of vehicles, homes, people, etc.) by clicking the “Report a problem” button in the lower right corner of each image.

Street View operates on all continents of the world and provides street views in 87 countries around the world. Google has amassed images for Street View over 10 million miles – a distance equivalent to traveling around the world 400 times. Street View is available on PCs and laptops, as well as Google Earth.

The driving started on June 14. More information on Street View and details of where the vehicles are currently located can be found at

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