With four cruise ships, instead of just one in previous years, this year Silversea Cruises will do home porting in Greece. The Silversea Cruises program, which specializes in high-demand travel, envisages 60 departures from Piraeus and another 30 from Heraklion, Crete for 2021.

The plans of the cruise company that has given a vote of confidence for Greek tourism, will be presented together with two of its ships, the newly built cruise ship Silver Moon, and the Silver Explorer, in an official event on Saturday 15/5 in the presence of the General Secretary of EOT Dimitris Fraggakis, secretary general for Ports and Port Policy Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, and representatives of state and local bodies in the port of Souda in Chania.

The first Silversea Cruises ship to start cruising from the port of Piraeus will be Silver Moon on June 18, followed by three more ships namely Silver Explorer, Silver Spirit, and Silver Shadow, with the last departure being scheduled for November this year. Overall, compared to other years, Silversea Cruises increases calls to Greek ports by 100%.

This year’s plan of Silversea Cruises, which specializes in luxury cruises, is an expression of confidence in Greek touris, as stated by the company’s representative in Greece, Spyros Albertis. “The company has shown in practice its preference in the country, which can develop great momentum in high quality cruises in the coming years,” says Mr. Albertis, noting that the demand from its customers from large markets is high. It is characteristic that as soon as the first trip plan was opened, it was almost immediately booked solid.

According to Giannis Gelasakis, naval agent of Silver Sea Cruises “the presence of four ships of the company in Greek waters creates a strong basis for quality upgrading of tourism in a difficult period and stimulating traffic in the country’s ports, which are not common cruise destinations “. It is noted that the company is expected to include more than 20 new destinations in Greece such as e.g. Syros, except for the usual ports which are Santorini. Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu etc.

According to Mr. Albertis, Silversea Cruises offers unique travel experiences with strong local characteristics while it should be noted that according to company data each visitor spends about $ 300 to $ 400 per port, excluding the cost of excursions.

Silver Seas Cruises implements very strict coronavirus protection protocols following both European and American protocols and will have a “quarantine ship” for the company’s staff.

It is noted that Silversea Cruises belongs to the Royal Caribbean Group. It has 10 luxury cruise ships and berths 900 ports around the world.

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