The «Markets Return Mission» seems to be prepared  by the financial government team, which is running a roadshow in New York, Boston and -during September- in Asia.

Greek Government knows that the green light before the end of memorandums would be the print of a new 10-year bond.

Yesterday, Mario Draghi slowed down the expectations about preserving waiver after the end of memorandums as well as about intergrating greek bonds into quantitative easing, he although left a window open about including Greece to QE, even while the time before the return.

Today greek bonds are falling, with yield on the 10-year bond reaching 3,841%, the 5 year bond collapsing by 3,13% and 2,880%. Thw 7 year bond keeps moving under 3,5%, which was the price when published, and is now at 3,355%.

Τhe financial team aims to «persuade» investors about the perspective of greek economy after the end of the financial program. Besides the vivid last period and the information about markets return, the situation in Italy, Germany and the commercial war between USA and Europe slowed down the decisions such as the publishing of the greek bond.

«It’s not a political decision, from now on it is a technocratic decision» said the Minister of Finance Euclid Tsakalotos about the markets return.

Mr Tsakalotos, later when asked about the government’s plan during next months, said that «we don’t have much to do. Now we look only forward, we might return to the markets, or we might not -we have given the political direction to the PDMA that has people working on that».

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