In reading the Metron Analysis poll published in Ta Nea today, one should consider one finding. Beyond New Democracy increasing its lead over SYRIZA, it is the first time that a majority want early elections. It becomes a crushing majority when one factors in those who want an ecumenical, multi-party government with another prime minister.

That makes clear that Greek society yearns for political change, and it does not want to credit the government with more time. Certainly, that desire institutionally does not oblige the government to declare early elections. Politically, however, it obliges it to attempt to reverse the balances, by undertaking various initiatives and by marshaling various means.

Herein lays the danger. Whatever the pressure and however great the panic, no political initiative that will harm the country should be undertaken.

The creation of a climate of extreme polarisation is a classic means of pursuing an electoral rebound.

Despite the doubtful results of this method, the last thing the country needs right now is a game of division. Also, playing games with the constitution is uncalled for. The Basic Law of the country cannot be in a partisan manner exploited for political planning, imposed by the political juncture.

The government says, and quite rightly, that the country needs political stability. Political stability, however, is the responsibility of those entrusted with politically directing the country, the government. Whether it be this government or another is of little import.