The responsibilities of the state for the tragedy – the second in one year – in Mandra, Attica, are a given.
The state is not faceless. It is directed by elected officials and managed by an army of officials and employees. Those responsible must be called to account, and responsibilities must be attributed.
Mandra was not drowned only by the rain. It was drowned by irresponsibility, mindlessness, and incompetence. It was drowned by broken promises, by anti-flooding works that were never carried out, and by the indifference and fate of its residents.
The city’s residents lived through a second nightmare, which creates other nightmares: abandonment, despair, and rage.
These people feel as if they have no other solution than to abandon their homes and seek a new life elsewhere, as they told Ta Nea.
That is nothing other than an uprooting. Can this country go through yet another uprooting, and indeed in the 20th century? This uprooting would not be due to war, but rather a lesser natural phenomenon.
Our country’s politicians are not used to assuming their responsibilities. They are accustomed to shifting responsibility to their opponents, to bad practices of the past, and to climate change.

Citizens do not want to hear this shifting of responsibility. In abandoning their homes, they do not want to hear the noise of yet another political fight.

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