With Parliament’s vote of confidence in the government and its approval of the government’s programme the time for rhetoric has ceased and a much longer period of works has begun.

The government will be judged by its works and not by its intentions.

It will be judged by its effectiveness in meeting its targets and by the decisiveness with which it will act.

It will also be judged by the demeanour with which it will exercise power and the mores with which it will serve society.The government’s presentation of its programme demonstrated that the government’s aim is to do much in a small time.

The governance of a country, of course, is not a sprint but rather a marathon.The haste of those in power, however, is in line with citizens’ needs at this point.

After a ten-year crisis that was prolonged by the immature behaviours exhibited by the entire political system, the time has come for those who bore the brunt of the crisis to see their daily lives inproving.

The three-day vote of confidence debate demonstrated that the main players of the political system have understood that society’s needs in this new era cannot be satisfied by sterile disputes and pointless shouting.

That is why whoever is involved in the political direction of the country will be judged harshly.

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