The government is in a woeful state.

It could not have been more woeful.

Everything seems to have collapsed in one night for Mr. Tsipras.

Until last Monday, he had something to say, even if it was patently propagandistic.

After the deadly wildfire in Eastern Attica, everything has changed for the PM and his party.
He cannot persuade or move people. He only enrages and provokes.

Whatever he does and whatever he says turns against him.

It is no coincidence that all his moves and all his initiatives after the fire are disputed almost automatically, and cannot last for even half an hour.

Whatever the prime minister attempted to do over the last days, and all that his communications team came up with, was lost in an atmosphere of mute mourning, and a general, nationwide sorrow for the dozens of unjustly lost people.

In certain instances, the government’s communications strategy riled people up, instead of placating the rage of citizens.

The weight of the event remains unbearable, and at the same time reveals a host of hidden governmental weaknesses. The first ones are inadequate management, a lack of coordination, and partisan choices of unsuitable individuals for key positions related to public safety and the protection of citizens.

Government cadres are now urging the prime minister to hold on to power, to clash with established interests, and engage in other supposedly heroic acts, with the hope of papering over negative impressions, so that people will gradually forget.

Their plans are in vain, as is usually the case with cynical rulers.

They do not understand that at some point a single event is enough to break the lines, to cut off ties, and to lose any contact with society.

Last Monday there was a rupture. The innocence that Mr. Tsipras touted was lost, and his star fell.

He is now accountable, clearly exposed, and unpardonable for the great disaster.

He no longer has any luck, or a future.

The sooner he understands his position, so much the better for himself and the country.

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