Former Pasok finance minister Alekos Papadopoulos, who was an exponent of fiscal discipline – a rarity in his party – far before the eight-year crisis broke out, offered sobering criticism of yesterday’s furious debate on the economy in parliament, advocating that memorandum measures be religiously implemented in order to avoid another crisis.

“I watched the parliamentary debate and I believe I have a duty to intervene and address that segment of the public that is cognizant of the true situation that the country faces.

Papadopoulos’ five-point analysis is as follows:

A.) Greece in the medium-term cannot remain in the eurozone with the current, maladjusted political personnel.

B.) In August, only the creditors will withdraw from the memorandum, and the country thereafter will be at the disposal of the international markets.

C.) The measures of all the memorandums that have been passed by parliament and which will be implemented over the coming years, whether they or not they are viewed as a fourth memorandum, are extremely necessary for the adjustment and survival of the country.

D.) The pension cuts are a structural reform that must not be eliminated, so that there may be a chance to salvage pensions in the end.

E.) The demagogues, with a view towards elections, are looming and can blow all the efforts until now out of the water. With the given prevalence of populism, no memorandum is unnecessary.