The secretary of New Democracy’s Political Committee, MP Lefteris Avgenakis, has told a conference on development that there is an immediate need for a new government that can instill trust in the country and spur investment and growth.

“Development cannot wait. There is an immediate need for a political change with trust in reforms, which will bring investments, jobs, know-how, growth and prosperity,” Avgenakis said.

Avgenakis dismissed the government’s development plan, which has been submitted to the EU, as too little too late.

“The government, for the supposedly post-memorandum period, is speaking of a development plan that is nothing more than a vague wish list, which combines ideological fixations, unpardonable platitudes, and a few self-evident reforms,” Avgenakis said.

He underlined that the government plan is bereft of timetables and quantifiable targets and is in no way a comprehensive plan.

“Essentially it confirms the difficult position in which the country has been placed due to the political choices of the SYRIZA and Independent Greeks government,’ he said.

Avgenakis said that New Democracy is in no way bound by the government’s supposed development plan.

“Greece needs a costed plan and not holistic platitudes. Greece needs a development shock, with cuts in taxes and contributions, with incentives for productive investments, a 30 percent cut in the ENFIA real estate tax, and a streamlining of the entrepreneurial environment,” he added.

Avgenakis said that New Democracy can free up entrepreneurship, and cut taxes and red tape, so that the country can attract investment and exploit regional comparative advantages.

“This is not only a matter of major projects, but rather a combination of policy priorities that will highlight comparative advantages and leverage resources, so as to attract investment.