After speaking of a Macedonian army, which irked the Greek foreign ministry, FYROM PM Zoran Zaev is trying to persuade his compatriots to support the Greece-FYROM naming accord with the argument that Greece has finally accepted the existence of a Macedonian language and a Macedonian identity, or nationality.

That statement appeared to confirm the critics of PM Alexis Tsipras and Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias regarding the interpretation of the term nationality as opposed to ethnicity.

The Greek foreign ministry, however, has a different view of the term “Macedonian identity”.

“We want to finish with this problem once and for all, and this is the compromise we reached. Greece got the new name to apply erga omnes (even domestically in FYROM), and we got our identity recognised erga omnes. At the same time, the identity of Macedonians living in Greece has been ensured,” Zaev said.

At the same time, Zaev requested the assistance of the European People’s Party to persuade New Democracy and The FYROM opposition party VMRO-DPMNE to support the deal.

“Those two centre-right parties, in Macedonia and Greece are very similar. Both make noise, organise demonstrations, and use foul language, adopting the same tactics,” Zaev said.