To Potami party’s leader Stavros Theodorakis recently left the Movement for Change, led by Fofi Gennimata, attributing the split to the autarchic tendencies of Gennimata.

Now, Theodorakis appears to be ruling out a collaboration with SYRIZA, which many are discussing due to the prospect that PM Alexis Tsipras’ junior coalition partner, Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos,  could pull out of the government over his rejection of the Greece-FYROM naming accord.

At the same time, Theodorakis unleashed an attack  against Kammenos.

“I have differences with Mr. Kammenos, but I also have a duty to relieve him of his constant anxiety. We will not become SYRIZA’s new Kammenos (junior partner), Theodorakis told parliament, during today’s debate on the economy.

“He can continue his super luxurious trips at the expense of the Greek people, and his Super Puma flights,” Theodorakis said.

Theodorakis also made mention of today’s anniversary  of the July 5, 2015 referendum, in which Greeks voted no on the bailout package, but the government adopted it anyway.

Theodorakis called the referendum a “plunge into the past” and highlighted the difficulties that lie ahead for the Greek economy.

“I would have expected Mr. Tsipras to mention the “black anniversary”. I would like him to not insist on the view that it helped the negotiations. It was a plunge backward, and the country was saved from a violent Grexit thanks to efforts that were made immediately thereafter,” Theodorakis said.

“You know I was never a supporter of [President] Prokopis Pavlopoulos. However, he played a decisive role in those crucial hours, in collaboration with [French President] Francois Hollande, who supported us when Europe was fed upwith Varoufakis’ games,” Theodorakis said.