The formal line of SYRIZA is that there should be a strategic cooperation with Social Democracy and the Left, on condition that the former return to its roots and abandon the common path with neo-liberal forces.

Aside from being the formal line of SYRIZA, this is also an aim of Tsipras’ intra-party opposition, which has often expressed the view that the alliance with junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos should be abandoned, and replaced with an alliance with Social Democratic forces.

That is also the line of leading figures in European Social Democracy, which views SYRIZA as an allied force, and Alexis Tsipras is invited to the conferences of Social Democrats that precede EU summits.

Building political bridges with European Social Democracy was already an objective of SYRIZA in 2015. The Party of the European Left may have been important for SYRIZA when it was a small party of social movements, but it cannot offer a party that is in power the advantages of participating in a large political family, such as the Party of European Socialists (PES).

Social Democracy

All of that explains SYRIZA’s steady interest in developments in the Social Democratic camp, especially since SYRIZA’s acceptance of the bailout memorandums and its abandonment of any strategic goals beyond “neo-liberalism with a human face”.

In this context, SYRIZA sought to exploit the deep crisis of Pasok in Greece. Pasok paid a heavier price than any other political party for the implementation of the memorandums.

While for many years Pasok was a factor of stability, it became dismantled at an exceptionally rapid pace, and the representative ties that it had built with a large segment of society dissolved, allowing SYRIZA to achieve a spectacular electoral rise.

During this period of Pasok’s dissolution, various plans were presented for the broader spectrum of the centre-left and Social Democracy. These concerned the space once occupied by Pasok, as well as the current of the historical renewal left, which was represented by the Democratic Left party, and later partly found a kinship with To Potami party.