It seems like the theatre of the absurd, but unfortunately it is actually the outward image of the government. It is an image that not only exposes the government in the eyes of citizens, but also embarrasses the country internationally.

It is impossible to recall in recent history, or even in the history of the modern Greek state, a government whose actions are determined by another government, and a government that depends on the decisions of others for its salvation.

It is impossible to recall another defence minister that clashed with central policies of the government, while at the same time legitimising those choices by representing the government at international conferences.

There must have been no government in the past that backpedaled and bent so much in order to hang on to power.

There must have been no coalition government which operated not on the basis of cooperation between partners, but based on mutual interdependence.

That mutual dependence is the lifeblood of the Syriza-Independent Greeks government. The two parties drag along based on that interdependence, but unfortunately they are also dragging the country along with them.

They are leading the country to a point of no return, and forcing it to confront grotesque situations.

This grotesque situation is the natural result of an unnatural collaboration, which ended up as an equally unnatural interdependence between the populist Left and the nationalist Right.