The European complications due to the migration issue are by now perfectly obvious, as is demonstrated by the unprecedented governmental crisis faced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The unfolding negotiations within Germany between the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union are indicative of the tensions prevailing in Europe’s richest country, and by extension in all of Europe.

Although predictions may be exceptionally premature, no one can ignore the ant-unification trends that are tending to prevail in most European political formations, especially in Central Europe.

After the victory of Sebastian Kurz in Austria, the derailment of Orban in Hungary, the political change in Italy, the pressure on Merkel in Germany, and the direct undermining of the EU by Donald Trump, nothing guarantees that the European construct will remain stable over time, and consistently oriented towards unification.

If indeed there are dangers for Europe, we in Greece must take measures to protect and cover ourselves. After the very bitter experiences of the protracted economic crisis, we cannot remain indifferent to the signs and messages of the times.

Greece is obliged to insure itself against any future dangers.

That can only happen with the mobilisation of the government and other political forces.

Greece is exiting a major economic crisis, and it is imperative that it act now, before major events develop.
The country must bolster as much as possible the dynamic of growth, create separate development zones, and undertake initiatives that are out of the box, that will render the economy attractive and able to more easily to withstand a prospective European crisis.

In other words, Greece must evolve into a country of foreign investment and a free base for international economic activity.

The country must exploit the change that occurred in the years of the crisis, and transform them into an advantage in different, possibly subversive, times.

This is an issue that should concern as soon as possible all political forces of the country. There is no time for complacency or postponements.