Greek Tourism Federation (SETE) President Yannis Retsos told the group’s annual meeting that Greek tourism is, “the strong pillar of the Greek economy, proving that it constitutes a unique value for Greek society”

Retsos said that for yet another year tourism is playing the leading role in efforts aiming at the recovery of the Greek economy.

However, he underlined that over-taxation of the tourism product constitutes a key hindrance for the sector’s international competitiveness.

The SETE chief outlined the four priorities that the Federation has set.

The first is drawing a connection and promoting tourism and culture, two sectors that he described as interconnected and interdependent.

The second is improving and extending education and training in the tourism sector. SETE training has set up educational activities, seminars, and job training throughout the country.

Development of tourist consciousness is the third priority, opening channels of communication with local societies to exploit opportunities.

Fourthly, SETE hopes to develop the connections between tourism and agri-foods, and more broadly with the primary sector.