Members of the anarchist group Rouvikonas today attacked a notary’s office on Harilaou Trikoupi Street in central Athens, smashing doors and windows with sledgehammers, and stirring mayhem in the office.

The 43-second foray, which was recorded on video and posted on the internet, was intend as a protest against notaries conducting online auctions of properties that have been seized and auctioned off to cover delinquent debts.

The members of the group once again managed to escape without being caught or arrested by police. The preferred targets are notaries who have conducted auctions of debtors’ primary residences.

Several of the group’s attacks have been paint attacks against diplomatic missions in Athens, in protest against various state policies.

In a post on a well-known anti-authority webpage, Rouvikonas explained the motive for the attack.

“This is not a time for lengthy theoretical analyses. When thousands of people of our class are threatened with home seizures, it is a time for action. All who participate in evictions, property seizures, and auctions of working class homes will experience the reaction from the grass roots,” the statement said.

“Today, shortly after 10am we attacked the notary office of (…). This particular notary from the very start of the auctions process has participated in auctioning off primary residences. As for their assertion that they are not involved in auctions, they should know that we cannot be fooled, and that we are always certain of our moves and actions,” the announcement concluded.

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