Independent MP Dimitris Kammenos, who was expelled from the Independent Greeks after breaking the party line and voting in favour of  a no confidence vote in the government, is now on a war path with his former party.

“In the Independent Greeks, everyone has become a SYRIZA member,” said Kammenos, who is not related to party leader and defence minister Panos Kammenos.

The independent MP dismissed Panos Kammenos’ threats to topple the government

“The Independent Greeks from the start should have withdrawn from the government in order to save Macedonia and let Tsipras shoulder the responsibility. Now it is too late. I had called them godfathers. After the baptism, the crying is over. You gave away the name, so let’s not cry now,” Kammenos said about Athens agreeing to the name North Macedonia in the Greece-FYROM naming agreement.

The MP ironically asked whether Panos Kammenos could overthrow the government after US Vice President Mike Pence’s telephone call to Alexis Tsipras.

Pence congratulated Tsipras on the Greece-FYROM naming agreement and urged him to ply forward with its completion in a telephone conversation yesterday evening.

“Could Panos Kammenos say after the call of the US Vice President ‘Sorry, I have a different view and I will topple the government’?” the independent MP quipped.

Pence congratulated Tsipras on the “historic agreement” with Skopje.

The independent MP said that Panos Kammenos does not in fact mean what he says, but is trying to buy time.

A destroyed party

Dimitris Kammenos seems to want to write the obituary for his former party.

“The party has been destroyed. It does not exist. They are simply trying to buy time. They sold out on the FYROM issue. Most ministers from the Independent Greeks party are veering toward SYRIZA. Everyone in the party has essentially become a SYRIZA member and cannot disagree. This is a political Stockholm syndrome,” Dimitris Kammenos declared.