Alternate Defence Minister Fotis Kouvelis has said that Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s foreign policy is inconsistent as regards what he appears to be demanding, and appears to be wavering back and forth.

“On the one hand he is pushing for Turkey to buy American F-35 fighter planes, and on the other he is contracting with the Russians and Putin to buy their S-400 missile system. He has the problem with the Kurds. He seeks to reach a modus Vivendi with the US,” Kouvelis told Alpha television.

“On the other hand, he has open fronts related to Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) where he is laying claims. Suddenly, after the meeting with the EU in Varna, Bulgaria, he is saying that he had expressed Turkey’s European orientation. All of that does not add up to a politically cohesive foreign policy,” Kouvelis said.

Kouvelis said that the Aegean is “not the problem”. Erdogan knows well that the supposed updating and revision of the Lausanne Treaty is a dead end,” Kouvelis said. “Erdogan is doing all this to keep alive his Aegean claims, in order to claim a presence in the broader area of Cyprus’ EEZ,” he underlined.

“We are not about to enter a frenzied arms race, which Erdogan has launched. We are doing whatever is necessary in order to bolster our deterrent force,” the minister concluded.