The aforementioned platform has already accepted the first applications

The first applications have been already submitted to the platform for the compensation and the financial aid of the households, the businesses and the property owners affected by the fires. The relevant platform was put into operation last night, as stated in a relevant information note.

As the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, states in a message on social media,  “426 victims of the recent fires have submitted applications to the platform Arogi of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), so far, and will immediately receive their first financial support from the Ministry of Finance totaling 2,633,000 euros”.

It is recalled that, through this platform, the victims of the fires of July and August can submit their application in order to receive compensation for damage to their homes, their household goods, businesses and agricultural holdings.

Useful information on the purpose of the platform, on the amount of the compensation, but also on the procedure to follow to complete the statement:

What is the platform?

It is the new digital portal in the framework of the mechanism of state aid for the restoration of damages from any natural disaster, which was set up so as to rapidly repay the compensations to the victims, with short and digitized procedures, in order to avoid the unnecessary bureaucracy.

What does this financial aid include?

After the application is submitted, the first financial aid to the victims includes the advance payment against the Housing Assistance, which is calculated stepwise based on the extent of the damage and amounts to 14,000 euros for the completely damaged buildings. To this is added the compensation of up to 6,000 euros for household goods, in case of residence, and a relevant grant of up to 8,000 euros in case of business.

The financial aid for household goods, which amounts to a minimum of 2,000 euros, replaces in this case previous provisions for initial assistance to the victims with 600 euros.

At the same time, this financial aid provides for the exemption of the affected properties from the ENFIA property tax for the three forthcoming years, 2021, 2022 and 2023, while the possibility of a temporary housing subsidy is provided for the citizens whose main residence has been temporarily declared unsuitable or dangerous.

How is the amount determined?

The amount is determined automatically, based on the initial assessment of the damage suffered by the beneficiary, which must be declared in the relevant fields of the application. It will then be offset against the final amount of coverage of the estimated damage, which will be calculated by the relevant committees.

What is needed to submit the application to

The beneficiary needs their personal passwords to Taxis, the details of the property that has been affected (address, use, suitability of the building for use, etc.) and the IBAN of their bank account, where the money will be credited.

What to do in order to complete the application?

The platform draws data from the registers of IAPR , therefore most data for real estate are automatically pre-filled.

In the section of the application for the Housing Assistance, the interested parties should fill in the fields for the extent of the damage and the type of use of the property. At the same time, if damage is declared due to the fire, the property is exempted from the ENFIA property tax.

The part of the application for compensation for household goods is declared by the landlord, but if the house is rented, the tenant will be notified immediately to confirm that they are the beneficiary of the money.

What happens in case of inaccurate declaration?

In cases where the amount received by a citizen is assessed higher than the damage suffered by the fire or it turns out that property has not actually been damaged, then the amount from the present procedure that exceeds what the applicant is ultimately entitled to is claimed as unduly paid, with interest.

Is there any deadline?

The deadline for the submission of the application – which also has the effect of solemn declaration – is September 30, 2021

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