The Ministry of Rural Development and Food supports the intensification of product controls, in order to protect the majority of legitimate producers and companies as well as the consumer public.

In particular, in a market control carried out by ELGO-DIMITRA, within the framework of its responsibilities, in a retail store, potatoes were found labeled as “Naxos PGI potatoes, SPOUNTA variety, quality I” without the company that packages and distributes being included in the Register of certified companies of ELGO-DIMITRA for the specific activity and product.

An inspection carried out at the company’s premises revealed that it had purchased potatoes from a Naxos producer, for a total quantity of 7,460 kilos.

From the above quantity, 5,923 kilos were sold on the market with the indication “NAXOS POTATO PGI”.

The company, after the audit, took the following corrective actions:

1. Withdrawal of products bearing the above indication, from all retail outlets,

2. Change of the label and its modification as follows: “Cycladic potatoes, SPOUNTA variety”

3. Change of the item description in the electronic invoicing system as follows: “POTATOES A”

ELGO referred the case to the First Instance Committee for the Investigation of Irregularities and Violations of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure for the imposition of sanctions.

The announcement states once again that the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. Spilios Libanos, is determined to “clean house”.

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