The firefighters in Evia, Ancient Olympia, and Messinia are fighting the flames for another day, with the fire fronts still in full swing, threatening settlements. These are essentially the most difficult fronts which are out of control at the moment.

With the first light of day, firefighting planes and helicopters began to drop from the air, however the situation remains dramatic, while in some cases the aerial means can not operate due to limited visibility.

Two aircraft from Sweden are expected any time now, while in the afternoon 81 firefighters will arrive from France, as the two countries responded to the request for help of our country in the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

It should be noted that a unit of Cypriot firefighters has been operating since yesterday, while two aircraft from Cyprus are in Rhodes.

Meeting under Mitsotakis

A meeting under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was held in the morning at the Maximos Mansion with the participation of the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, the Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Alkiviadis Lafanos, the Undersecretary General Staff of National Defense, General Konstantinos Floros and the Secretary General of the Prime Minister, Grigoris Dimitriadis.

The meeting decided on the further active assistance of the Armed Forces in the prevention and management of fires.

More specific announcements will follow at 12.00 from the Ministry of National Defense.

It is noted that Nikos Hardalias announced, during the emergency information announcement, on Wednesday, about the fires that are raging in the country, that the “Defkalion” plan is being implemented. This is the name given by the General Staff of the Army to the Natural Disaster Management System in order to significantly reduce the extent and negative consequences of a natural disaster.

The “Defkalion” system enables the timely organization and preparation, the correct initial set-up and the efficient conduct of an operation with the main weight being given to the maximum possible coordination of the forces and means participating in an emergency response operation.

The forces that operate

At the moment, the fire brigade is deployed as follows:

In the forest fire that broke out yesterday in the Heraklion area of ​​the municipality of Ancient Olympia, Ilia, 174 firefighters, with 9 groups on foot, 52 vehicles, S.M.E.A. team, the OLYMPUS Mobile Operations Center, 2 aircraft and 4 helicopters of which one is acting as coordinator. Volunteer firefighters, water tankers and local government machinery are providing assistance.

In the forest fire that broke out on the 3rd of August, in the area of ​​Myrtia of the municipality of Mantoudi – Limni – Agia Anna Evia, 165 firefighters are operating with 5 groups on foot, 57 vehicles, 3 aircraft and 3 helicopters of which one helicopter as a coordinator. Assistance is provided by 82 firefighters from France, the Coast Guard, the Greek Army with infantry units as well as water tankers and local government heavy machinery equipment.

In the forest fire that broke out yesterday in the Melpeia area of ​​the Municipality of Oichalia, Messinia, 28 firefighters are operating, with 1 group on foot, 11 vehicles and 1 helicopter. Water tankers and local government machinery are providing assistance.

In the forest fire that broke out on the 3rd of August, in the area of ​​‘Ano Varybombi, of the municipality of Acharnes, Attica, strong ground forces and periodically aerial means are operating. Assistance is provided by 40 firefighters from Cyprus, the Hellenic Army with infantry units, the Hellenic Police, numerous volunteer groups as well as water tankerss and local government heavy machinery equipment.

The situation on the fire fronts

The situation in northern Evia and Olympia is dire due to the large fires that have caused huge damage and continue to threaten villages and settlements, while making the situation suffocating and unbearable, while the fire in Messinia is in full swing.

According to the latest information from the Fire Brigade, other villages in Evia and Olympia were evacuated during the night, where a really nightmarish scene is unfolding.

In particular, in Ilia, where the Ministers of Civil Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis and Culture Lina Mendoni have been since yesterday, after a suggestion by the heads of the fire brigade, the villages of Lazoi and Linaria were evacuated.

In Evia, the residents left the village of Kechries, at 07:00, as the huge front that can not stop with anything, has reached a breath away from homes.

Church bells and police patrols warned inhabitants were warned to leave their homes. Citizens rushed and left with their own means for safe places, while the flames continue to approach without anyone being able to stop them. A few minutes ago, an official message was sent via 112 to the residents of Kechria to leave the area and head to Mantoudi.

Also in Evia, where the situation is the most worrying, at night the settlements of Kourkouli, Skepasti, as well as Amelantes and Keramia were evacuated again.

The fire in Varybobi is also in progress, but the fire brigade is facing only a few re-fires, while a few hours ago the passage of residents for their homes through specific streets began to be controlled: at the junction of Varybombis-Eritrea in the stream to Varybombi, Tatoiou from Parnithos street (tavern Hani) in the stream to Varybombi and Tatoiou from L. Kymis towards Varybobi.

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