The fire that broke out at noon in the area of ​​Stamata and Rodopolis remains in full swing.

According to information from the Fire Brigade, the fire is currently moving in the area between Rodopolis and Dionysos. There is no single front, but many scattered blazes between buildings.

At this time, the fire brigade is being reinforced due to the fact that the flames threaten a residential area, while the first flames reached houses causing damage.

Residents believe it’s arson

Residents of the area “see” arson as the cause behind the fire in Stamata.

“My brother heard four gas canisters explode. They have set it on fire,” a resident of the area told MEGA channel.

“I am not an expert to say whether the outbreaks can be justified. Beyond that, there are many outbreaks in the wider area which are not a continuation of a single fire in my mind,” underlined another resident. “It is not possible that Dionysos Avenue has caught fire on both sides,” he added.

“The fronts are scattered, we were waiting for the fire from below towards Dionysos, there were flames above Dionysos, it is not accidental,” said a firefighter.

The deputy governor’s take

“There is a lot of fuel from the trees in the winter. We had a fire with multiple outbreaks that raises suspicions. [Governor] Mr. Patoulis mobilized the entire civil protection mechanism. We had some disasters in farmhouses. There is no official record yet. It will start soon. There seem to be losses from burned houses. I have no indication of people trapped. The night is approaching, the winds are strong, I hope that we will not have an unfavorable development “said deputy governor of Attica, Nikos Peppas to MEGA.

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