It is wise to be clear and it is also critical when dealing with public health issues.

In that sense, yesterday’s recommendation of the competent committee to halt the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine to citizens under 60 years of age must be explained immediately and comprehensively.

We are at the end of the tunnel. Citizens stepped forward to be vaccinated, and still are doing so, in a rollout that by all accounts is organised in an excellent manner.

The battle being waged now must be transparent, with no shadows or looming questions.

Lingering doubts jeopardise the collective effort to build a wall of immunity.

They also fuel the exceptionally harmful current of vaccine deniers and conspiracy theorists who are scrambling for ways to dispute science and reason.

It is the duty of the government to immediately coordinate with the expert committee. Combined with the common European line, as of today the rollout rules and procedures should be clear to every citizen getting a first or second jab.

It was wonderful that coordinated international research swiftly produced a vaccine that has been proven to be an effective shield against the pandemic.

It is also fortunate that the vaccines were distributed to peoples in our common battle.

There are no looming questions or shadows, just a leap forward.

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