The extent of the natural disasters by which Greece was struck over the last two years leaves no doubt about the danger of analogous disasters in the immediate future.

The danger is heightened not due to chance or the “rage of nature” but rather due to climate change. The impact of humanity’s interventions on the environment is patently obvious.

Cognisance of this reality and of the concomitant dangers should have functioned as an alarm bell.

The state has a duty to do everything necessary to protect the citizenry.

Infrastructure must be repaired. Services must be equipped with suitable tools. Personnel must be trained. Officials must be vigilant.

It would be inconceivable in the next emergency to see the same weaknesses, the same imbecility, the same mistakes, and the same lacks and then to witness another political blame game between parties.

The government is responsible for dealing with such emergencies.

To avoid the errors of the past the current government must move swiftly to address the deficiencies left behind by previous ones.

The loss of human life in such natural disasters leaves no room for even the slightest delay.