The completion of the transfer of Yaya Toure to Olympiacos FC, which stirred the skyrocketing enthusiasm of fans, sent a clear message that Vangelis Marinakis is bolstering Olympiacos with moves that others could not imagine, and that the Red-Whites team is emerging as the top athletic force in the country.

The news of the transfer of Yaya Toure to Olympiacos was featured on dozens of websites abroad and created a sensation, as many could not believe that it would happen, due to the player’s financial demands.

Indeed, the financial demands of Yaya Toure could be considered outlandish in terms of Greek realities, but Vangelis Marinakis’ desire to bolster Olympiacos was much greater, so that the Red-Whites could return to the top of Greek football, and at the same time have a good showing at this season’s Europa League.

It is a move that transcends expectations, if one factors in the fact that the ace international player from the Ivory Coast had offers from many UK teams to continue his career in the Premier League. The fans of those teams were eager to hear that Toure would continue his career on their team.

However, Olympiacos made its move, Toure returned to the Port, and the message is loud and clear. Toure will again dress in the Red-Whites, and that proves stunningly that the administrative leader of the Piraeus team is focused like a laser beam on returning to the top.

Toure’s return to the Port made the team’s fans ecstatic. Wearing the Olympiacos team shirt, Yaya Toure arrived slightly after 20:00 at the office of the Red-Whites FC. He was lionised by fans of the Piraeus team, who had filled the streets to welcome the Olympiacos superstar.

The international midfielder reached Olympiacos FC’s offices together with the administrative leader of the Red-Whites, Vangelis Marinakis. A crowd of 3,000 supporters welcomed them.


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