The morgue at Schisto is continuing the difficult task of the collection and identification of the corpses of the victims of Attica’s disastrous wildfires.

Coroners from all competent bureaus, as well as members of schools of dentistry are on site, in order to take DNA samples and compare them to the genetic material provided by relatives, so as to identify the bodies.

According to the procedures, the data on the dead who have been identified are sent to the criminology bureau of Greek Police, so that as of tomorrow, 26 July, the autopsies will begin to be conducted at a facility in Athens’ Goudi area.

The president of the Greek Coroners’ Association, Grigoris Leon, told that the procedures for identification are time-consuming, and that the entire scientific staff is making every effort to correctly implement the protocol.

As a result, the relatives of the victims will have to be particularly patient.

The Fire Service has made arrangements for psychologists to offer psychological support to people who have lost relatives due to the wildfires in Rafina, Mati, Neo Voutza, and adjacent areas.

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