Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East.

It is impermissible for a democratic state to confuse the legal right to defence with bloody suppression, or the defence of national sovereignty with shooting civilians.

A state does not defend its citizens by labeling whoever protests – even young children – as a terrorist, and by killing indiscriminately.

The government of Israel must offer an accounting, not only to the international community, but also to the history of its own people, a people which suffered from persecution, sought a fatherland for many years, and paid a heavy toll in blood in the crematoria of Nazism.

Absolutely logically, Israel armed heavily after it was founded. Now, the military machine is transforming into a death machine.

It is employing incredibly disproportionate force against a people which is demanding what its own people once did: a fatherland.

Israel continues to deny the Palestinians that right, and it denies it in the most brutal manner.

It denies it with the same means that it marshaled in the 20th century: guns and bullets.

It is not only perpetuating a problem that has festered for decades. It is also planting poison in future generations, the generations that will live with the memory of blood, until they spill their own in a perpetual cycle of hatred.

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