The change of government that main opposition New Democracy dreams of as the “only solution”, a government source says, is in fact its only hope of “covering up its endless scandals”, and it is based on the derailment of Greece’s completion of the bailout memorandum in August.

“[ND spokesperson Maria] Spyraki is exposing herself terribly simply by speaking of intertwined [corrupt] vested interests. We shall simply remind her that she is the spokesperson for the party of Novartis, of Siemens, of 200 million euros in loans with no collateral, of the newspaper Kyrikas Hanion [owned by the Mitsotakis family], and many other scandals, which the Greek people know all too well,” the same sources said. “We will not revisit the period when she was working at Mega television and hid news items under her pillow.”

Spyraki has in the past admitted that when a bank run was ongoing and the ECB was airlifting cash to Greece in the spring of 2015, she concealed the news, because she believed that this was in the national interest.

‘Tsipras, Kammenos creating new vested interests’

Spyraki had earlier accused PM Alexis Tsipras and his coalition partner, Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos, of creating a new network of vested interests, and that they should thus leave power.

“For the last three years, Messrs. Tsipras and Kammenos have been building a regime of corrupt, intertwined vested interests. They use businessmen, sometimes in order to control the broadcast media, and at others to offset their tragic handling of the Skopje issue,” Spyraki said.

“This is why they cannot clean up football, or anything else,” she asserted. They themselves have sunk in the mud of corrupt vested interests, and are unable to enforce the law.”

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