Scientists have already begun to ring alarm bells at every opportunity over the fact that the prospect of a fourth COVID-19 wave come autumn cannot be ruled out due to new variants of the virus – especially the Delta variant that has alarmed Europe – and due to the pace of the vaccine rollout.

We must all therefore be prepared. Readiness is key both for the state and its citizens. The state must secure now the necessary number of doses for the population, including a possible third dose that has been widely discussed.

Citizens can do their part by visiting a vaccination centre with the understanding of the importance of their vaccination for themselves, their friends and relatives, and society at large.

Only when 80 percent of the population has been vaccinated will we be safe.

Although the scientific community has noted that a new outbreak of COVID-9 would pertain primarily to unvaccinated people, in fact it is not limited to them.

As long as the virus finds space in which to move – and possibly mutate into a more transmissible and more durable variant – it remains a threat to the entire community.

The government, aside from ensuring enough doses for the entire population, must find a more effective way to get its message across.

The message must urgently be passed on to those who refuse to be vaccinated that vaccines are necessary and secure.

Greece must be prepared for any eventuality when social life after summer moves indoors.

After a-year-and-a-half of pandemic conditions and three lockdowns, nothing must be left to chance.

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