Dearest Savvas,

To me you were always a member of my family, a companion and a friend; A warm supporter and guardian in difficult situations and always in the front line without ever taking a step back.
Without second thoughts or hesitations you were always the first in the battles, in the fields, in the elections, in our daily lives. It was a common attitude towards life for both of us and of course was a bond for life.
And always, at the end the winner was Piraeus and Olympiacos.
The way you loved OLYMPIACOS is a guiding light for all of us and the Club’s history welcomes you with open arms and awards you the golden crown of the young Olympian.

Because always that was you. A young Olympian with fire in your soul.
Full of passion for life, power and born to be a winner.
You are gone as you deserve, a CHAMPION.
But most importantly, you lived the life of a CHAMPION.
You were always saying that OLYMPIACOS gives you life. But in return you were also giving life to OLYMPIACOS and to all of us with your passion.

I am sure that the OLYMPIACOS’ Legends are waiting for you at the gates of heaven.
From today, in your favorite KARAISKAKIS Stadium, a seat just above the bench of our team will be forever empty with a flower, so that we can watch together our great love, so you can be present and continue to support us and give us courage as you have done until today.
I PROMISE YOU that all together we will continue to dream and create a EUROPEAN OLYMPIACOS, WINNER, and CHAMPION, which will make every Greek proud.
Exactly what you wanted and adored all your life!

Rest in peace


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