Announcement of Olympiacos FC

Mr. Prime Minister,
Mr. Minister of Sports,
Mr. Ceferin and Mr. Lakovic,

The most incompetent HFF of all times continues to humiliate Greek football at their will.

The reconstruction of the real corrupt system of Greek football, with a weak-willed manipulated President, managed to turn the Greek Cup Final, a unique and historic organization of the HFF, into a match that torpedoes even the preparation of the teams for the new season!

This is a decision that once again hinders the proper preparation of the teams for the domestic, but mainly for the European competitions, in order for our country to fall further in the European ranking.

This is a decision that defiantly ignored the strong and persistent recommendations of FIFA and UEFA for the Greek Cup Final to take place before the 2nd of August, as the postponement of the Final to a posterior date was illegal and contrary to the Regulations.

In fact, with this decision, the well-known “cooperatives” don’t even hesitate to cause difficulties to the effort of the Greek National Team, which has official obligations immediately after the Cup Final.

Who decides on all this, damaging Greek football irreparably once again???

Mr. Pan. Dimitriou and the members of the HFF’s Executive Committee, which know that they offer absolutely no service to Greek football, are disposable and, at the same time, willing to accept any ordered service without a second thought or any interest in the consequences for Greek football and for the teams that represent it internationally.

Today, in fact, the well-known corrupt system decided to ask for the cancelation of the Football League, with the promotion of all its teams to Super League 2, opening wide the doors of Greek professional football to the underworld and to betting agents.

How much longer will you tolerate them?

We ask for your immediate intervention so that these people, who are dangerous for football, can finally show some decency or move away completely, so that there’s finally a chance that this sport might survive in our country.

We call on the Government and the Transnational Federations to take an immediate stand against the parody involving the HFF’s decisions for the upcoming Cup Final and the Greek football.

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