At the Federation’s General Assembly, Mr. Huber, representing International Cofederations, suggested that football executives should cut down on talking to the media.

Loquacious as he might be, Mr. Hubel found now words to spare –along with other representatives of International Cofederations currently in Athens- about the grim event that took place 3 months ago at OAKA at the break of the Greek Cup’s first semi-final (AEK vs Aris), officiated by Portuguese Artur Ribeiro Soares Dias. When AΕK’s owner, a person of infamous pedigree, attacked the referee calling him names and grabbing him from his genitals.

This unutterable “man of football” was left unpunished -once again- for his act that humiliates Greek football and clearly demonstrates why our sport remains a victim at the hands of the underground.

What exactly have you, Mr. Hubel done against such an extreme fact? You even failed to mention or discuss about it although this should have been your starting point as an odious example to avoid. What was the reaction by representatives of International Federations or HFF’s golden boys? Needless to look for an answer; they did nothing.

The sanction – a disgraceful ‘slap on the wrist’- of only a few-months ban that, given the coronavirus league pause, has been served at its greatest part.

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