Under different circumstances those responsible for the remodeling of central Athens and the laying down of pedestrian walkways would have two main arguments: environmental protection due to reduced car traffic and a better quality of life.

The first is for the time being a dead letter as authorities have instructed people to avoid mass transit and use their own automobiles.

That led to major bottle-necks which are expected to get worse in the coming days.

The second argument, improved quality of life, is also persuasive but it concerns the future and until then people have got to get to work.

As much as the pandemic made people get used to teleworking there are jobs that cannot yet be performed at home and others that never will be.

Such ambitious projects in a metropolitan area cannot overlook these parameters.

For years drivers have had to endure protests blocking roads and boulevards for extended periods.

Now in addition they will have to endure the inconvenience of the development of pedestrian walkways.

The observation of the mayor of Athens that “every beginning is difficult” and his calls for patience are vacuous declarations.

The project should have been better planned and should have taken into account the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

These problems must be analysed.

Having a vision is good as long as it takes human needs into account.

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