The Eldorado Gold Corporation has announced that it will move its Skouries gold mining project to a status of “care and maintenance”, attributing the move to delays in the issuance of a required Electromagnetical Installation permit by the competent Ministry of Energy and Environment (MoE).

“Dialogue has continued with Greece’s Ministry of Energy and Environment («MoE») with respect to the development of the Company’s subsidiary Hellas Gold S.A.’s, Kassandra Mine assets in Halkidiki, Northern Greece. However, the MoE has failed to issue the amended Electromechanical Installation permit for the Skouries flotation plant as well as other matters including, but not limited to, the relocation of antiquities at the Skouries site,” the company said in a statement issued today under the title “Eldorado Gold Provides an Update on Greek Investments”.

The move is expected to leave about 550 workers unemployed, at least temporarily, as only necessary staff for maintaining the facilities will be kept.

The company has filed three lawsuits in the Greek Council of State seeking legal protection.

“The Company has also initiated legal action within the statutory deadline in order to enforce and protect its legal rights. This legal action consists of three lawsuits which have been filed with the Council of State («CoS»), requesting judicial protection against the Ministry’s failure to issue routine installation permits, resulting in unjustifiable delays to the development of the Skouries facilities. Furthermore, the Company has filed with the CoS a petition for non-compliance of the Ministry with a previous decision granted by the CoS,” the statement read.

The company said it will re-assess its investment in the Skouries project upon approval and receipt of the required permits, “coupled with a supportive government open to discussions regarding the use and implementation of best available technologies”.

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