By Lefteris Charalambopoulos

There are quite a number of reasons not to force a Grexit yet as usual most are imaginary and express the viewpoint of everyone in this “undeclared war”, the objective of which is to be uber alles.

There was no battle in Nion during Avgenakis’ and Grammenos’ mid-week trip.

UEFA and FIFA were simply confronted with their responsibilities after the letter of Olympiakos F.C which exposed the party at EPO (Greek Football Federation), They bear responsibility for the miserable state of Greek football in the period of the supposed “clean up”.

They have the oversight and they are exposed.

Exactly because they are aware of their share of the responsibility they are seeking a solution with the hope this is the last time “the Greeks” will burden them for the sake of Thodoros.

They are intensely interested in two things.

Firstly, how this Championship will end smoothly. That explains the invitation to the four strongest owners to sit around the table for an earnest discussion, even though most of what is happening is in public view and people are up in arms.

Secondly, they are concerned about how to get out of this quagmire. They want to leave Greece without having to return for new oversight.

The solution here is specific – to change the elections process in the National Football Association because when the “system” controls 100% of the deck of cards, even if Grammenos (whom no one takes seriously) falls tomorrow there will be another Grammenos who will do the same or worse.

For the election process in the Federation to change that must be approved by the Federation’s General Assembly.

The chances of these hicks removing their hand from the honey-pot are equal to the tobacco industry supporting a legal ban on smoking.

“You can’t imagine how many man-hours we spend daily regarding Greece,” one official told an official from one of the clubs with disdain. The official told the Greeks that on a daily basis UEFA employees – who deal only with the “Greek file” translate verbatim all that is written in Greece.

Unfortunately, there was no one to give the appropriate answer. You have the detailed letter from Olympiacos and their admission that they “know everything” which confirmed what is self-evident –that they are allowing all that is happening to happen..

This admission is the heaviest charge against them.

They knew everything about both the triangular relations of companies that affect the Championship. They also know about the Greek Football Federation money trail which makes [ΚΕΔ????} the highest paid in Europe.

In cases as yesterday’s in Volos they surely will read at their office in the morning that Panionios F.C. issued a statement: “In what football capacity does the mayor of Volos threaten the referees with lawsuits?. Why are they creating a climate of sensationalism ahead of one of the most crucial football matches the blue and reds wonder [????

“We were forced into losing with a disputed penalty and a no-existent second yellow card. That left us with 10 players at a crucial juncture and that skewed the result and deprived of a main player. It weakens us ahead of our next match,”

It should be noted that Evangelou – formerly of Olympiacos – was expelled. Now Panionios is hosting Paok F.C.!

Naturally the federations are not aware of this either -Lakovic and Fousek and Niko . They also know the role of the mayor and all the rest.

It is mainly their responsibility that they are not doing anything about any of this and it deflates the current administration. All of this is happening in Thodoros’ country.

So they do not want to have to deal with Greece anymore.. They are up in arms with Alexis Dedes because in his mind the secretary of the Federation is responsible for its operation and not every temporary president. Under different circumstances they would have chosen Grexit and that would be the end of it, but here they theselves are to blame and that is the only thingthat forces them to find a solution.

P.S, Grammenos was not the first to leave the table because he had booked an earlier flight than the other. He left because he felt the repudiation of the others.

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