ND poses seven questions pointing to mismanagement of wildfire disaster

ND spokesperson Maria Spyraki demanded the resignations of Interior Minister Panos Skourletis, Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas, General Secretary of Civil Protection Yannis Kapakis, Attica Prefect Rena Dourou (who was responsible for evacuating), and the Fire Service chief, due to their management of the deadly wildfires.

Spyraki said that a news conference yesterday held by the public order minister and the chiefs of Greek police and the Fire Service was a display of tremendous audacity.

“In yesterday’s governmental performance, designed to shirk responsibility, there was not a single apology. No one of those involved has been fired. On the contrary, they all said they were proud of how well they did their job, even as we count the dead,” Spyraki said.

New Democracy posed the following questions, pertaining to prevention and managing the crisis:

“Firstly, why, as the Fire Service chief conceded, were there not adequate forces before the fire broke out? Everyone knew it would be the most difficult day since the start of summer as regards the likelihood of a wildfire in Eastern Attica. The danger level was level 4.

Secondly, why was an order not issued for the immediate evacuation of Mati when, as the government now admits, there was enough time and the direction of the fire was predictable?

Thirdly, why did the emergency telephone number 112, which can send a message to anyone with a cell phone in an endangered zone, not operate?

Fourthly, why did the government not turn to the media to warn residents that they should evacuate their homes?

Fifthly, based on what plan was the rescue of people who had fallen into the sea conducted?

Sixthly, based on what plan and what order, while the fire was spreading, were dozens of cars debarking in Rafina, and based on what rationale were they directed from Marathonos Avenue to Mati?

Seventhly, how is it possible when already at 8:15pm the magnitude of the disaster was known, for the top brass to assure the PM in front of the cameras that the fire has been contained, when dozens of people had already died?

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