The start of the long-awaited program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the protection of historic and remarkable buildings is not expected before mid-2022

There is no money for the protection of the historic and remarkable buildings of the country. And as the attempt to place the financial tool of “I maintain” in one of the pillars of grants of the Recovery Fund failed, everything now depends on the approval of the Sectoral Programs of the NSRF 2021-2027, which is not expected to be given before the middle of “Maintain”, which has been planned by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, has been included in the many actions of the urban regeneration axis, for the implementation of which a budget of 450 million euros has been earmarked.

The new financing program that will operate in the logic of “Maintain” will be addressed to property owners or immediate beneficiaries, who will be able to raise funds for conservation projects so that a building does not collapse or is abandoned.

According to what was stated a few days ago, the competent Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Nikos Tagaras, answering a relevant question in Parliament, the ministry “fully aware that initiatives are needed to save the protected buildings, is working on the program “Maintain,” which will be an important financial tool for the promotion of the material cultural heritage through the interventions in important buildings of the country “. The interventions which are foreseen to be financed, according to the document of the competent service of the Environment Ministry sent to Parliament, will concern:

– the cleaning of the facades for the removal of the air pollutants or the anti graffiti painting of the historical buildings

– immediate rescue measures for the outer walls of buildings (such as fixing openings, repairs to the tiled roof, etc.) in order to prevent their partial or total collapse

– the restoration of the faces and the outer walls. For example, works on the tiled roof, projects for the restoration of plastic decoration, replacement of frames, repair of metal elements, etc. can be subsidized.

Also, works will be subsidized for the rehabilitation of the whole building and its interior, especially for the restoration or reinforcement of the wooden floors, the restoration of stairs, changes in the partition for functional reasons, etc.

The rescue of the preserved buildings of the country, through “Maintain”, can be combined with the activation of the tools of the Land Bank and the Transfer of Building Factor, which are expected to “thaw” in the coming period. It should be noted that the way of compensating the owners of protected areas, through the institution of Transfer of Building Factor , remains inactive since 2007.

In order to be activated, the special Rate Reception Zones required by the case law of the Council of State must be determined. Thus, the owners will be able to be compensated for the inability to use the entire building factor that is valid in the area where the property is located. However, the independent studies for the Rate Reception Zones have not been announced yet, as well as the Local Urban Plans (except for the first pilot) through which reception zones will be determined.

The Transfer of Building Factor will be linked to the also deactivated Digital Land Bank, where intangible securities will be traded, with holders pledging to spend the money they redeem on maintaining or repairing their property. .

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