A new poll, this time by ProRata, saw the light of day. The citizens in the “October Pulse”, as the company’s research is called, answer timely questions while the intention to vote is also presented. In this latest poll, the difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA is 8%.

Voter intention

In the assessment of ProRata’s voter intention, New Democracy gathers 34% and SYRIZA 26%. It is followed by KINAL with 6.5%, the KKE with 4.5%, the Hellenic Solution with 3%, while MERA25 with 2% seems to be left out of Parliament. Compared to August, the percentages of the parties do not show many changes.

Managing the pandemic

According to the poll, dissatisfaction with the government for managing the pandemic has increased. Although at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020 there was a high level of agreement on government manipulation with 80% positive opinion, while negative opinions stood at 18%. Now, negative opinions are at 58%, while positive ones at 40%.

Burning issues

The issues that “burn” are in order: Low wages and working conditions, national issues, corruption, education, high prices, while the pandemic is in sixth place. In seventh place is the issue of unemployment.

When asked abouthigh prices, 95% answered that it will affect the average household.

Citizens’ views on the Greek-French agreement

68% of those who responded in relation to the agreement between Greece and France are rather positive and positive. 27% see it rather negatively and negatively.

69% certainly agree or rather agree that the agreement significantly strengthens the country vis-.-Vis third countries. 28% are on the opposite side.

Citizens are divided on whether the deal will work in a race to buy military equipment and create new financial problems. 50% probably agree or definitely agree with the above position, while 45% probably disagree or definitely disagree.

What about the so-called middle class

Citizens were also asked to answer the question of which party is closer to the so-called middle class. 60% say that ND is far or relatively far from it, while for SYRIZA 63% say the same.

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