The first victim of the “Ballos” severe weather front is the country, as the 69-year-old farmer who was missing in Evia was found dead.

According to information from the Fire Brigade, a man was found lying in the riverbed where investigations were being carried out, with the president of the Mesochoria Community confirming that it was the 69-year-old, who is dead.

The 69-year-old allegedly called for help due to the weather in his area, yesterday shortly after 22:00, and had been missing ever since.

In fact, on Friday morning, the Fire Brigade was reinforced, trying to locate the man, with a helicopter and a drone, as well as a mountaineering group of four people of the 7th EMAK, while from the first moment there were 20 firefighters with seven vehicles.

The Coast Guard and many volunteers assisted in the search, but the operation did not end well.

He was in danger

In a communication with the authorities earlier, the 69-year-old had described that he was in a pasture and that he was surrounded by a torrent that had swelled.

Earlier, the elderly man’s vehicle was found.

The mayor of Karystos, speaking to public broadcaster ERT, informed that fragments of his vehicle were found, however until that moment there was no trace of him.

As he said, it was his son who informed the Fire Brigade about his disappearance. “The man himself contacted the fire brigade on Thursday afternoon and at the time when he typically told them that” I am in danger, the waters are sweeping me “, the telephone line was closed”, he revealed.

It is noted that the overflow of a river in Nea Styra, the cessation of traffic on the road leading to the area, the 8 flooded houses and the release of the families who saw the water enter their homes, together with the previously missing 69-year-old shepherd, are the landmarks that overnight intensified anxiety in the area.

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