The new shareholding scheme will be along the lines of the Enel and E.ON model – Strikes decided by employee union GENOP

The arrival of colossal institutional investors, foreign funds, the increase of the share capital of PPC and the building of positions in the share capital capable of financing flows from international markets are expected by the management of the public company and the government.

As reported by market players who are able to know the developments with the increase of the share capital and the placement of new shares, two large foreign funds are said to be moving not only for their participation in the aforementioned process but also for the acquisition of a stake of more than 5% , each. Of course, the same sources hasten to clarify that any such forecast is too early, however, according to them, such a move would be desired by the Superfund and the company’s management in order to establish international investment confidence. In addition, their participation would open other doors of liquidity that the company will need in order to implement the “mammoth”  investment program – of 8.4 billion euros by 2026.

The State will limit its participation

The energy transition to a climate-neutral era for the public company through investments but also the acquisitions of RES portfolios in the Balkans also require flexibility in the listed company’s decisions, the same market participants note, explaining why the public should limit its participation to 33.36%.

“The state needs institutional investors to invest their funds and they want it as a form of guarantee. Therefore, the percentage of 33.36% serves these purposes, while the maintenance of management by the public on critical strategic issues also serves the reasons for the protection of the public interest “, they explain characteristically.

The model of transformation

The model of PPC’s transformation, to be precise, the new shareholding structure of the company, if the share capital increase is crowned with success, is also the one followed by large European energy companies. Like the German E.ON, the Spanish Iberdrola but also the Italian ENEL, in which the country’s Ministry of Finance retains control of 23%.

European giants have expanded their activities across the length and breadth of the earth, while playing a leading role in tackling the climate crisis by investing in green energy. It is a sustainable development model that investors trust and position when they see that companies are moving towards achieving this goal.

Regarding the names of the funds that play in the offices of analysts are those that participated in the bond issues of PPC and among others are BlackRock, Fidelity, EBRD, Apollo etc.

Strikes by GENOP PPC

GENOP PPC is determined to mobilize against these plans. The trade union body of the employees of the public company, like all the factions represented in its body, is planning dynamic reactions. The Federation is expected to decide tomorrow, Tuesday, the form of the mobilizations, which will probably be targeted strikes.

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