“The aid program announced by the Prime Minister at the TIF could not hold up for even three days,” said SYRIZA Head of Development and Investment and Messinia MP, Alexis Haritsis, on “Kokkino 91.4 Thessaloniki”, referring to the government. plan new support measures for vulnerable households. “From the beginning we talked about efforts to deceive the citizens and the youth,” he continued, noting that “once again the complete lack of planning by the government is proven.”

Al. Haritsis called on the government to “finally show a basic seriousness and treat society with respect” and in the field of the pandemic, as “again yesterday we saw the government spokesman and the Minister of Development publicly lying to each other about how unvaccinated minors will enter restaurants”.

“Despite the longest lockdown in Europe, we are facing both a health burden and a serious crisis in the real economy,” continued the head of SYRIZA, noting that “the government took advantage of this period to pass counter-reforms in labor, insurance and the bankrupt, at the expense of the middle and vulnerable strata. All this creates an explosive environment, with entrepreneurs no longer able to absorb the increases in raw materials and energy, ELSTAT confirming the explosion of price increases and society facing debts of more than 19 billion in the coming months,” he said. own.

“The policies pursued by the government show that it consciously chooses the next cycle of development to concern only the few and the strong,” he said, adding that “wider and wider social strata are realizing the impasse of government policy and the need for political overthrow.”

“Our goal is to convince society that there is an alternative way out with a progressive plan for the next day, which will ensure a strong welfare state and a development path that will include everyone and everyone,” concluded Al. Charitsis.

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