The Greek stock market remains faithful to fluctuating between 900 – 910 points today, with the market not being able to exceed this, despite the fact that it has at its side today the profits in several index-weighted securities. Moves remain in the realm of limited risk as much as possible, with selections making headlines on a daily basis.

The general index remains around 907 points, with gains of 0.40%.

This informal rotation of stocks in support of the market at current levels also maintains the positive short-term signal for the general index, aiming to also remain in the area of ​​950 points. However, the goal is for the general index to penetrate the levels of 910 points, in a very fragile climate on international markets.

If the international uncertainty subsides, the ATHEX will obviously start to reflect the estimates for greater growth this year in the Greek economy, as expressed by foreign analysts, but also by Finance Minister Christos Staikouras. Mr. Staikouras noted that “the Greek government and the political leadership of the Ministry of Finance suggested to the Prime Minister a realistic rate of economic growth, 5.9%”.

In terms of securities, OPAP now stands at + 2.55%, with Alpha Bank at + 1.37%, Coca Cola at + 1.11% and Titan at + 1.01%. Ethniki, Motor Oil, Eurobank and Mytilineos are also in positive territory, while losses in Aegean, Piraeus and OTE have been significantly reduced.

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