The pavilion of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food was visited shortly before 12.00 by the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Minister of Regional Development, Mr. Spilios Livanos, who received him, presented to the Prime Minister two advanced systems that concern, the first the controls in food and especially in milk and the second the cultivation of rice using digital technology.

The Artemis plus system, which concerns food controls, has been developed by ELGO DIMITRA using state-of-the-art technology and is already being piloted to 200 farmers in the area of ​​Elassona. The presentation was made by the CEO of ELGO DIMITRA Mr. P. Hatzinikolaou

The second system concerns the cultivation of rice by Kostas Kravvas in rice paddies in Chalastra, Thessaloniki.

During the presentation of the two systems, the Minister Mr. Spilios Livanos stated that the goal of the Ministry is the protection of Greek producers and consumers and the strengthening of the effort to give added value to Greek products.

“We are trying to connect the research of “ELGO Dimitra”, which is the research arm of the Ministry with our national strategy and at the same time with the private sector. The first thing we will see is the way we utilize the technology, with a system that controls the milk inputs and outflows and in this way we create the control framework for the Hellenizations, which results in the increase of the price of milk by 50 % from the beginning of the year.

Our goal is the digital transformation of the agri-food sector, which will allow us to develop the control system throughout Greece (until now it was a pilot) and to extend it to other products (such as honey and olive oil) to expand controls and to create an institutional regulatory framework that promotes justice and legality and, above all, supports Greek producers.

The second we will see is Mr. Kravvas’s rice cultivation system, which cultivates 1,200 acres and connects technology with a traditional activity, resulting in a 16% increase in yield and a 20% reduction in our production costs. ”

The Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis showed special interest in both systems and even sent a strict message to those who try to pass products off as Greek:

“I have talked many times about how technology can help us increase our productivity, reduce costs, detect delinquent behaviors. We had committed ourselves even before the Greek people trusted us that we would fight the illegal Hellenizations. We are doing it, our breeders are already seeing the result in the increase in the price of milk. To those who still believe that they can persist in such delinquent behaviors, I tell them not to even bother, to forget it, we will find you and punish you.”

The Prime Minister, talking to Mr. Kravvas, expressed the desire to visit his crop in Halastra in due time.

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