Split signs and moves within a range of a few points is the image of the Greek stock market today, with buyers remaining selective and sellers showing that they are now focusing on very few stocks.

After all, the just 7 million shares that have been traded reflect the skepticism that prevails in a market that is looking for catalysts to form the next day of a pretty good recovery since the middle of July.

The general index remains in the 915-point zone, with the sellers having the reins, but not showing that they intend to test supports. Thus in such an environment of low trading activity, most stocks have not established any movement, since the range of fluctuation changes in the blink of an eye.

Of course, the focus remains on the energy and construction sectors, not only because in the long run they should offer enough returns due to the Recovery Fund, but also for the period of reorganizations that they are going through. This frame could not but include the banking sector, which is dominated by an informal rotation to maintain the 565 units of the sector.

At the level of securities, therefore, those who put pressure on the market are OTE, Mytilineos and Hellenic Petroleum, as their losses are over 1%, while Sarantis and Titan are also moving sharply downwards. On the other hand, Ellactor gains 1.54%, with Eurobank at + 1.06% and PPC at + 0.99%. Coca Cola also offers significant support with + 0.72%.

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