Nikos Hardalias described last night as extremely difficult, emphasizing that since yesterday we have had 41 new fires

He stressed that the situation in the area of ​​Varybobi has improved. There is an active front, and the rest is in recession.

“We do our best on the spot, while the aerial means are constantly dropping water. The fire brigade is facing scattered fires, but without any problems.

The Undersecretary for Civil Protection stressed that about 1250 hectares have been burned in Varybobi while the Copernicus service has been activated.


– 76 houses have been severely damaged

– 18 houses some damage

– 27 companies have suffered losses

– 82 vehicles burned completely

– 64 vehicles have been damaged

– 182 people had to be removed from their homes, while a total of 442 rescues – evacuation of citizens took place.

The fire rekindled in Evia – The forces are being reinforced

The Undersecretary stressed that although the operations took place within the urban fabric, thanks to the coordinated efforts, they proceeded quite smoothly.

Mr. Hardalias reminded that those who do not have access to their homes can call 1135, while yesterday 672 citizens were served.

As for the fire in Evia, three SMS were sent from 112, while an organized evacuation took place in Kalamoudi, Paleochori, and Damia.

Mr. Hardalias stressed that at this time they proceeded to escalate the mobilization and to strengthen the forces due to the change of air direction.

Cyprus and Sweden send aid to Greece

Cyprus and Sweden are sending aid to Greece, while Rhodes is currently on alert and the locals were informed of the urgency of the situation with a message from 112.

Mitsotakis – Difficult fire in extreme heat conditions

It is noted that earlier today, Nikos Hardalias together with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Mobile Operations Coordination Center “Olympus”, from where he stated:

“It was another extremely difficult night. The work done by the firefighters on foot on all four fronts bore fruit. Of the four fronts, the dawn found us with one active, and the rest in recession. There is still a lot of work to be done in the field, in the ravines and I think that the men and women of the Fire Brigade and all those involved are trying to give their best. During the night we proceeded to additional removals and evacuations.

You understand that the thermal load was great, the fact that the winds had dropped helped us, there was a relative lack of winds, the humidity had risen relatively  and with the work done by the firefighters, I think we managed to reduce the fronts. That is why the air forces now have a specific mission, to close these fronts a little, so that we can at least have a delimitation of the situation “.

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